Sacraments / Confirmation



Confirmation celebrates the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a baptised person completing and strengthening the grace given by the Spirit in Baptism. It marks the Christian as a follower of Christ and a full member of the Church.


In our parish, children normally celebrate Confirmation in 6th Class. Much of the preparation is carried out in school with the parish offering a complimentary preparation programme.


At Confirmation, the Bishop/Priest prays that the giftss given by the Holy Spirit for the living out of the Christian life with grow in each person being confirmed


These are the gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Right Judgement, Courage, Reverance and Wonder and Awe in God's presence.


Growth in these gifts is a lifetime's experience and leads the Christian to share in the mission of Jesus Christ. Young people preparing for Confirmation are encouraged to be involved in some form of service in their parish.


The decision to be confirmed is not one to be taken lightly, for it involves both faith nd commitment.





A sponsor stands behind the candidate for Confirmation at the Confirmation Ceremony and places their hand on the shoulder of the candidate​​ as a sign that they will support them in living out their baptismal promises. However, the role of the sponsor is not just for one day. The sponsor undertakes to assist the confirmed person in growing in the fullness of their faith and in their membership of the Catholic Church


Any baptised Catholic wishing to advance on the path of developing their faith. For young people, this is usually part of the 5th/6th class primary school programme.

For adults who were not confirmed as children, it means taking part in the Rite of the Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)

Cavan Parish Confirmation