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St. Aidan's Church Butlersbridge

St. Aidans Church, Butlersbridge

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Mass Times

Please note with effect from 1st October 2022 Mass Times in St. Aidan's Church are as follows:


Sunday        10.30am


 Wednesday & Friday      7.30pm

St. Aidan's Church, Butlersbridge


Built between 1861 and 1863 on a site given free by the Earl of Lanesboro. The architect was William Hague, jnr and built by William Hague, snr at a total cost of £1,400. The Hague family came from the townland of Plush and St. Aidan’s Church was dedicated on 14 June 1863 by Bishop James Browne.

It is situated on the bank of the Annalee river. Throughout the intervening years the church has been renovated. In 1972 restoration work incuded the repositioning of the altar, new heating system and new sound system. In 2008 more extensive renovation work was carried out under Architect Pat Gaffney and Administrator Fr. John Gilhooly.

New roof insulation, slates, restoration of bell and bell tower, cleaning of stonework, a new wall along the river Annalee, new ash ceiling and restoration of stained glass windows to mention just some of the improvements made which has resulted in St. Aidan’s Church being one of the most beautiful churches of its size and structure in Ireland.

St. Aidan's Church, Butlersbridge
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