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Cavan Parish Sacraments Marriage


Sacraments / Marriage

Steps to be taken before getting married in a Catholic Church...

Premarriage Course

It is advisable to book a pre-marriage course as early as possible and it is recommended this should be done at least one year before the date of your wedding as dates are limited.

You can get an application form by contacting the Pastoral Centre, Cullies or by Visiting the ACCORD website

ACCORD Pre-Marriage courses will take place in the Kilmore Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Cullies, Cavan. Booking essential.

Book the Church

You are advised to give at  least 6 months notice to the parish where you wish to get married.  A lot more notice should be given if you want a Friday or Saturday for your wedding.

You should also contact the local parish clergy where you live and ensure you have a priest who has agreed to conduct the marriage ceremony.

Each of you  will need to arrange with a priest in the parish you where you are now living to complete:

The Pre-Nuptial Enquire Form

You will need to bring with you the following documents:

A Long Baptismal Certificate

(issued within 6 months of the proposed date of marriage - available from Parish of Baptism)

Certificate of Confirmation

Proof of Freedom to Marry and 

Marriage Preparation  Certificate

Cavan Parish Marriage Sacrament

Civil Requirements for Marriage

You both must arrange with the Registrar of Marriages to meet in person so as to give notice of your intention to get married at least three months in advance of the proposed marriage date.

In advance of meeting the registrar, meet one of the local clergy, book the church and know the name of the priest (solemniser) who has agreed to celebrate the Marriage

Receive the Marrriage Registration Form (MRF) from the civil registrar – without this document no Marriage can take place.

Show the MRF to the Priest (solemniser) to check that details are correct

Make the verbal declaration of no civil impediment not more than two days before Marriage.

Return the signed MRF to any civil registrar no later than one month after the wedding.

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