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Letter to Parishioners March 2022


25 March 2022



Dear Parishioner

Major restoration work will commence on the Cathedral beginning on May 10th this year.

An historic building of this size and age calls for regular attention to ensure the structure remains intact and to maintain its original beauty. Extensive restoration and overdue enhancement are needed to some of the fundamental aspects.

As a result, the Cathedral will be closed until September. To facilitate our 10am daily Mass and weekend Masses we will be setting up a marquee at the front of the Cathedral.

Project 1

The work will consist of two phases -

Phase 1: Heating Lighting Insulation Draught Proofing

Phase 2: Cleaning of the Cathedral

Cleaning will take place on an ongoing basis over the next year and a half. The Cathedral can remain open as the cleaning can be carried out section by section.

Project 2

We are also commencing restoration of St Augustine’s Hall later in the summer.

Initial estimates suggest an overall cost of approximately €1.5m - €2m. Given the scale of the projects, we will need to ask for the generosity of parishioners, local businesses, friends across the diocese and those further afield with connections to Cavan. In the coming months, we will embark on a fundraising initiative to secure the funding required. We want everyone to have the opportunity to hear first-hand about the restoration work, to ask questions and consider their financial support. Over several months, we will meet parishioners in many ways – one-to-one, in small groups and at all-parish gatherings.

First, with your input, we want to develop a fundraising plan that is the right fit for our parish, one that is realistic in its ambition. To do so, we will seek your opinion in either a one-to-one conversation or through completion of a short survey at Mass. We are interested in your feedback on the fundraising and your potential involvement. Additional details will be shared soon.

At this stage, we ask you to pray for the success of the restoration.

Yours sincerely

Fr Kevin Fay


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